Artists in Residence

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen)

Rubens. Van Eyck. Fouquet. Magritte. Memling. Titian. Rodin. What influence do they have on contemporary art? Twenty-two artists, groups and collectives immerse themselves in the museum’s collection for five years. They draw inspiration from the old masters and give them their own, contemporary interpretation. In words, music, images and performance.

“I am extremely interested in interdisciplinarity. Exploring new horizons and embracing other disciplines: I try to apply it in every project. That is what enriches and inspires me. Rediscovering my own field feels a bit magical each time. That is why I find the cooperation with the KMSKA so fantastic. It offers me the chance to bring out a new facet of my music and my being, to go places, both artistically and personally, where I have never been before.”

“If I had to choose one artist from the KMSKA collection, it would be Henri de Braekeleer. His paintings touch me deeply. I cannot explain why, not rationally and certainly not in terms of painting technique. My knowledge of painting is too limited for that. But the beauty and intensity with which he captures his characters and their environment intrigue me enormously.”

“A crazy habit? Being myself! I feel like an oddball, a stranger. I struggled with this in my teens. You want to be unique or different, but not an outsider. Today I see things differently. Who decides if I am weird? And on what terms? The answer to those questions, that’s what’s strange.”

“I never lose. Either I win or I learn. Life isn’t always a walk in the park. All too often we regard difficult moments as failures. Unjustly so. It is like the storm damage that you can turn into a strength. Life only gets its full meaning with the highs and the lows. Without all those experiences, we wouldn’t be who we are.”

Photos : KMSKA – MORREC of Fille Roelants